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Oh, this quiche is exhausting to think about. Not because it was even very difficult or time-consuming to make, which it really wasn’t. Rather, there were some fiddly issues and a mistake, and all that anxiety produced neither a disaster nor a taste sensation, but instead a pretty ho-hum, neither-here-nor-there quiche. It’s the Classic Quiche from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook with some vegetables added.
First, I kind of pride myself on being able to make a decent pie pastry, but I was using this Earth Balance non-hydrogenated shortening: much healthier than crisco, but much harder, so more tricky to cut into the flour. I think it was this issue that made it nigh impossible to stick together, even after adding more water than my trusty Farm Journal Complete Pie Cookbook called for, and even more difficult to roll out. Farm Journal would have deemed my crust a typical new-bride failure: pebbly, uneven, apt to shrink in the pan, which it did. Then, horror of horrors, I forgot to add the second package of silken tofu to the mix, though it would have made far too much filling anyways, which was confusing once I realised all this after it was already in the oven. So the ratio of tofu to flour and soy milk was way off and I worried I’d produced glue pie.
After all that, as I say, it wasn’t bad, but I’ve lost my enthusiasm for experimenting with quiche for the time being…


Written by phdelicious

May 2, 2008 at 2:49 am

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