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Pasta Primavera with Wine and Saffron

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Spring vegetables are finally coming back to the Farmers Market. I started thinking about this pasta from Jamie Oliver that my mom makes, and my memories of the pinch of saffron soaking in a glass of white wine on the counter… it’s a seafood pasta recipe, with white wine, saffron, and heavy cream. So I set about making a vegetable version. Beautiful seared oyster mushrooms in place of the seafood: they have a strange substitutability for seafood, not just in cutesy name, but in texture and even a bit in flavour. I decided to use soy creamer for the cream, which I won’t do again. Soy creamer is a pretty processed beast, and so a little unpredictable: instead of thickening into a creamy sauce, it kind of melted the sauce into something more watery than it had been before I added it. Soy creamer thus thwarted my earnest vegan efforts to recapture my Jamie Oliver memories. Next time I will perhaps make a roux-based sauce, and just plain soy milk, and then creaminess will be mine… but this was delicious, anyways. I sprinkled some homemade parm (ground almonds, salt, nutritional yeast) on top.


Written by phdelicious

May 5, 2008 at 11:20 pm

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