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Liptauer Toast and Pickled Salad

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Not until I was plating it up did I realise how themed this dinner was: Eastern European/ Scandinavian all over the place! This was a quick, almost no-cook supper. Liptauer spread from The Uncheese Cookbook on rye toast, steamed kale, and beet cucumber salad with the simple maple mustard dressing from Veganomicon. This was my first crack at the pickled beets I got for my birthday last year from my friend that only eats local. The other night I was at a party talking about pickled beets and sauerkraut with him and a fellow vegan (this is the kind of anecdote my students always poke fun of me for: “that was your party conversation?”). He was so jealous of me that I’d been hanging onto the pickled beets for this long, as he’s all out. I’ve been making plans for them ever since, and they’re delicious!
This felt like a “hearty” “rustic” dinner, but Eastern European and Scandinavian food are always stereotyped that way, so I’ll advisedly keep the quotation marks in order to keep some healthy skepticism in my own judgments…


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June 20, 2008 at 11:42 pm

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