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Pulled “Chicken” Sandwich, Collards and Sweet Potatoes

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Lots to say about this meal! Aside from the fact that it was delicious.
First, the chicken sandwich. My friends and I have discovered President’s Choice World’s Best Meatless Chicken Breasts. I finally found some in a supermarket when I was in another city; our local supermarket has had a run on them for weeks, probably singlehandedly due to the hype among my group of friends. (I asked the meat manager about them today and he was telling me about how his daughter, the daughter of a meat manager, is of course a vegetarian! Ironic in that loose Alanis Morrissette sense. He’s going to look into making sure they come back into stock.) Now, I don’t often use fake meat. It’s expensive and I’m satisfied with whole plant foods. But every once in awhile I find it fun to be able to replicate exactly a run-of-the-mill chicken recipe. The sky’s the limit with this veganism stuff! And I researched a little and the makers of Gardein soy products seem pretty okay: non-GMO, vegan ingredients, centered out of B.C…. The recipe was from Cooking Light magazine, June 2006. I bought every issue of this magazine from 2001 to 2005; it’s really what got me into cooking, aside from cooking class in high school. But as I went vegetarian in 2004 and vegan in 2005, sadly the magazine–which has never been vegetarian, to be sure–actually began including fewer interesting vegetarian recipes in that time. Ah, well. I still buy it every once in awhile.
The collards! I ran into a friend earlier and we were debating how to cook them. See, they’re like kale but a bit more bitter. I decided to caramelise some onions and garlic, added the collards to the pot with a touch of apple cider vinegar and salt, and covered the pot to steam/wilt them. Success!
The sweet potatoes are just my usual oven fries: 400 degrees until brown.

I already know there won’t be a post tomorrow: I’m having leftovers!


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July 3, 2008 at 12:03 am

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