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I used a bit of that Yoso cream cheese from the frosting to make a sandwich, with a beautiful avocado I had. And capers always seal the deal. After taking the photo I sprinkled on some salt and pepper, which always make friends with avocado in my mouth.
Below we have some Cavendish Farms potato patties fresh out the toaster oven. The Nutritional Facts panel got in a bit of a tiff with my oscillating chin. (I have these weird English/Irish/Scandinavian genes that make me gain weight only in my stomach and chin: I know, the most unhealthy body shape for heart disease, yadda yadda. Apple shape and so forth. Life’s too short to worry about it. Evidently. Plus I’m hoping with the zero cholesterol diet I enjoy, it might all come out in the wash.) But they reminded me of how much I enjoyed them on lazy carbfest days with my buddy Andrew throughout the year, so I bought them and ate them all in quick succession.



Written by phdelicious

December 18, 2008 at 2:42 am

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