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To break up all the warm dark winter indoor lighting, I took a plate of yesterday’s chocolate chip cookies outside and took a picture of them in the snow! This recipe is the newest chocolate chip cookie recipe from Isa, featured on the Post Punk Kitchen blog awhile ago, here. Now, I often find vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes to be a bit stressful to make: the one from Vegan With a Vengeance is very tasty but stressfully dry sometimes in dough form, making me a little nervous in the cookie-forming stage. And this one, like many oil-based cookie doughs, starts out a little too gloppy: you can’t follow the recipe’s directions to form walnut-shaped balls before placing them on the sheet, so I spooned the batter onto the sheets instead. When the second half of the dough had awhile to sit around, this problem lessened. Isa says on her blog to add a little more flour in this case, but I’ve found with other recipes that it’s usually better just to improvise and use a spoon, ignoring the ball-forming instructions, than to try and mess with the ratios too much.
This is just a lengthy account of the obsessive compulsive stress that arises from a dough not resembling what it seems like it should from the recipe. It doesn’t mean they don’t turn out delicious! In fact, this new recipe is tied for my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe, the other being Kittee’s over here.


Written by phdelicious

January 20, 2009 at 1:34 am

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