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Smoky Tempeh, Barley, Kale

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Another hearty winter dinner. Smoky Tempeh from Veganomicon. I’m out of rice, but I’ve been delaying going out to get more because it’s a chance to use up some of the other grains in my pantry. This time I went for barley, and since I’m on a cook-it-in-broth kick, I did. Chicken-style veggie broth again. You cook barley exactly the same as rice, but with three times the liquid instead of twice. I always forget it’s there in my pantry, and as a result it always hangs around a long time. But it’s unfairly maligned: quite tasty. Then I had some leftover red kale so I sauteed it up in some sesame oil, leftover tempeh marinade and a bit of mirin. Well, I added the kale after I’d sauteed a minced garlic clove and minced ginger. With all that kick, the kale made a nice contrast to the rich tempeh. Tempeh’s always so rich!


Written by phdelicious

January 25, 2009 at 3:49 pm

Posted in Meals

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