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Elliott’s First Birthday Cake!

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When Elliott was born, I made a deal with his mom Cathy that I’d be making his first birthday cake. It seemed like it would be ages away at the time! The theme was Mad Hatter and strawberries. I actually forgot that these were the formal themes, but with fairly dumb luck (or the aid of my subconscious) decorated the cake properly. The cake was the vanilla cake from here (well, actually the version from Papa Tofu that uses 3 c. of flour and 2/3 c. oil and 2 t. vanilla.) I made a full batch of batter into two smaller layers, and then an extra half batch to make the larger bottom layer. Between the layers I spread organic strawberry jam, and the icing was my usual wing-it: Crisco, Earth Balance, icing sugar, vanilla, bit of water. Lately I’ve been adding a sprinkling of this Dr. Oetker “Whip It” powder that’s meant to stabilize whipped cream. I think it helps icing set up better, especially when you’re adding water (I wanted the cake to be fairly soy-free this time). The strawberry was made with part of the icing that I coloured and flavoured with raspberry latte syrup. Hooray for Elliott!


Written by phdelicious

May 30, 2009 at 8:45 pm

Posted in Baking

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