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Lemon “Chicken”

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Here we have vegan lemon chicken, pretty much based on thisrecipe, except I used canned chicken-style gluten, pictured below. I had no idea what this canned gluten was going to be like, and it was pretty good! Your basic seitan, in strips and chunks. I halved the batter recipe, and I realized just now that I think I forgot to halve the water amount, which is why I had such puzzlingly thin batter (for the latter half I actually started dipping the slices in batter, dredging them in flour and then back in the batter for a thicker coating, but this obviously wouldn’t have been necessary if I’d halved the recipe properly!) I added some turmeric to the sauce, for a yellow colour, but it was a little neon for my tastes in the end. The pieces also didn’t brown, so that detracts from the aesthetics as well (but I’ve figured this out, too– the batter coverage was so thin that I couldn’t leave the pieces in the oil long enough to brown, because that would have just murdered the exposed seitan parts…) Anyways, tasty if not as pretty as the lemon chicken I remember. You can’t go far wrong with deep fried!



Written by phdelicious

July 13, 2009 at 2:45 am

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