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Delayed Final NYC Entry: Franchia

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I took these pictures with my mom’s camera, so there was a bit of delay and travel and so forth that had to happen before I could post these. Anyways, this is the meal we had at Franchia, a vegan Korean restaurant in Midtown! This was dad’s favourite meal, and my mom and I were also extremely happy with it (though I think Dirt Candy was still my absolute favourite).
Above we have my meal: I believe it was the Tofu Stone Bowl Rice. The traditional stone bowl keeps cooking the ingredients that touch the sides as you eat, creating delightful crusty bits throughout.


This was my dad’s meal: I can’t find for sure what it was in the menu now, a month on, but I’m pretty sure it had “beef,” and it was one of the best fake meats I’ve ever tasted.


Here’s mom’s Pad Thai, which was basic but very tasty.


Hands down the best soy cheesecake I’ve ever tasted. Very sweet, but so delicious I didn’t mind at all. So rich and creamy. My mom says it’s not only the best vegan cheesecake, but the best cheesecake, period, that she’s ever tasted.


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September 3, 2009 at 4:46 pm

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