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VeganMofo Day 1

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Day One of VeganMofo!! This is the third annual Vegan Month of Food, where a bunch of blogs (over 300 this year!) sign on to blog about vegan food at least every weekday for the month of October. The subject matter should be easy for me, considering vegan food’s all this blog is ever about! But the frequency– this will be a great excuse to get back on track with regular posts.
So besides my usual “this is what I ate and how I made it,” I’m going to branch out a bit this month. All I’ve thought of so far are spotlight/reviews on my favourite cookbooks… stuff like that. So stay tuned!

But in the meantime, here’s the latest usual “what I ate/made”:

I cracked into my new Authentic Chinese Cuisine by Bryanna Clark Grogan and made the pork balls (pictured below) and added them to her Sweet and Sour Pork recipe (pictured above). The sweet and sour was great! The pork balls were fun to make, and extremely meat-like and quite rich–almost too meat-like and rich for me, I’m afraid. I don’t think they make the best match with sweet and sour stirfry because of this (but don’t blame Bryanna, she didn’t call for this particular combo!)



Written by phdelicious

October 1, 2009 at 10:16 pm

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