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My Three-Day Creamed Corn Adventure

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That makes it sound like I had an extended creamed corn bacchanal, which I suppose I kind of did. When my dad moved back to Vancouver in the summer he left me with a can of creamed corn (and a bunch of other goodies, like an easel and a bottle of single malt scotch, but I digress). Since he gave me the can I’d been nurturing old memories of a dinner my mom used to make every once in awhile: creamed corn, mashed potatoes, sausages. So I made some Italian Sausages out of Nonna’s Italian Kitchen, which involve TVP, tofu, gluten, steaming, and frying (!) and tried to recreate the magic. Comfort food, if you will. The sausages were pretty good, but I’m starting to think that concentrated soy and gluten are just not my favourite thing in the world. As Cookie Monster now says of cookies (!), concentrated soy and gluten are becoming “every once in awhile food” for me.


Next day: the fun part: fiddling with the corn and potatoes! Results: Corn Latkes!! I mixed the mash and corn together (I can’t remember if I added a teensy bit of flour or ground flax or something: hmm, thanks, brain) and panfried it in little cakes. A bit tricky to panfry, but worth it. Add that to leftover sausages and some maple syrup and you have yourself a breakfast!


Day Three: “Southwest Corn Latkes”! Yes, I had that much leftover corn and potatoes. I think I just added some chopped cilantro and a bit of lime juice this time– and salsa on top. These were very tasty, indeed.


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January 4, 2010 at 5:06 pm

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