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Comme-ci Comme-ca Falafel

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Bien. Mal. Comme-ci, comme-ca. Growing up in Western Canadian elementary school you learn exactly three French ways to say how you’re feeling: Good. Bad. Like-this-like-that, aka “alright/in-between.” These falafel were, on the one hand, fantastic: suffused with homemade accomplishment, nicely flavoured, intact. On the other hand, their intactness came at a price: I think I added a tad too much flour so that they wouldn’t fall apart (a cautionary tip from the recipe notes and comments at the recipe source). I think the extra flour was the reason for the falafels turning out a little dry, dense, and rubbery. There’s also the chance that I cooked them a few seconds too long. But I was working with deep frying soaked raw beans for the first time, and I was a little nervous! The next day I steamed the leftover balls to rewarm them, and that seemed to preclude any further drying out. Anyways, some day I’ll try again.
Two notes on the beans: 1) it says you can also use canned beans, but peruse the comments: readers worked out the volume difference for canned vs. raw beans (soaked raw beans are, from what I can tell from my falafel research, the more authentic choice.) 2) I used dry, split fava beans instead of chickpeas, because that’s what I had. The recipe says that doing this is the Egyptian variation.
Below: in the pita. I quick-pickled my own rutabaga and golden beets in some vinegar and sugar, which turned out a little harsh in the end. Tahini mixed with lemon juice, pepper, water, and salt makes the sauce. Then hot sauce and tomatoes and pickles, of course.



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January 16, 2010 at 5:55 pm

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