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Every once in awhile (alright, July 2008, and August of 2008) I make a big Ethiopian feast over the course of several days. I spend those days in culinary bliss. This time, I tried a couple of other things from Papa Tofu and Kittee’s site. Her recipes in both the zine and the site are so good and so reliable. This time I actually made the berbere from her cooksite, albeit in a smaller amount. And I made the niter kebbeh again. For dishes, I made (upper left) the chickpea “fish” in spicy wine gravy from the zine (shimbra asa w’et), which I’d never made before and were delicious! Then dandelions in niter kebbeh (gomen), and split pea puree (atar allecha: I made the slightly different version from the zine). The roasted veggies you see are golden beets and radishes, baked in niter kebbeh (a variation on yetakelt kilkil from the zine.)
The next day I combined the gomen with the yetakelt kilkil and leftover spicy gravy from the chickpea “fish” (lower left). Then some leftover atar allecha (right). Salad, and upper left we have lentils in spicy red gravy (yemiser w’et, minus the green peas and tomato paste).
For injera I used the crepes from Vegan Brunch. Sure, injera is insanely delicious, but I didn’t want to try making it, given the recipes were already taking up a fair amount of time, and I wasn’t in the mood for stopping by Hamilton’s new Ethiopian restaurant to ask if they’d sell me some injera for my vegan versions of their food. Next time I’ll get up the gumption to go do that, but I must say that the crepes (I made them a little thicker than usual) did quite the trick.



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January 17, 2010 at 4:49 pm

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  1. everything looks so colourful and delicious!


    January 18, 2010 at 9:15 pm

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