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Green Posole!

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Yet another soup! I promise, tomorrow I’m going to pass along a recipe for once, and it won’t be for soup! This is the Green Posole from Viva Vegan. Extremely delicious. Warm chile green-ness, rich pumpkin seed earthiness, hominy toasty-ness, tangy tomatillos. I don’t think I had enough tomatillos, and the chiles I put in became too mellow and disappeared in the leftovers. So, when I warmed up leftovers out of the freezer I added a little spoonful of bottled tomatillo salsa (I used to use Herdez, but now I actually prefer President’s Choice because I’m a lame gringo and have a bourgeois appreciation for the little charred bits and tangy flavour in the PC brand) and it perked it right back up!


Written by phdelicious

October 6, 2010 at 8:15 pm

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