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Spicy Black Bean Cabbage

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Doesn’t look too beany, does it! Well, the beans are in there in the form of fermented black soybean garlic sauce. This condiment is extremely strong and salty–you tend to only need a little.
I had a fantastic little red cabbage from the campus farmers market. I love cabbage, but am often disappointed in the lack of freshness, the huge volume… This one was tiny, fresh, and perfect. I cut up the whole thing and used it here!
I sizzled several cloves of garlic in some oil with a couple of pinches of red pepper flakes and some minced ginger. Then a fair-sized splash of cider vinegar along with the cabbage: I didn’t want any dark blue cabbage! I thought I remembered that the midnight blue cabbage syndrome was caused by acid, but luckily I googled it before starting to cook, and it turns out that acid actually prevents discolouration! Plus, the cider vinegar balanced out the black bean sauce quite nicely and gave the whole thing a tangy sweet and sour kind of taste. Speaking of the black bean sauce, once the cabbage had sauteed rather nicely (still a bit crisp, since the cabbage was so young and fresh and tasty that way) I mixed about a tablespoon of black bean sauce with a bit of water and sesame oil. In that went with some sesame seeds, and the whole thing cooked a bit more, before serving over some mashed potatoes, as pictured below!
A bit of a crazy dinner, eh? I’ve got a brutal cold and all I wanted was something simple, comforting, and sinus-clearing. And this fit the bill! Very tasty.



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October 6, 2011 at 6:13 am

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